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A Year Later, This Gorgeous Sagaponack Compound is $4.5M Less

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Four acres of land

Everyone loved, loved, loved this property when it debuted on the market a year ago. Everyone, that is, except a buyer with $22.5M to spare. (Womp womp.) Now the asking price is $17.95M. So what does a bargain-hunting buyer get for their 18 large? An old barn (used as the main house), an expanded and renovated farmhouse (used as a guest house), a pool house with gym, a separate office building, and a two-car garage with studio. And of course, four generous acres of land close to the ocean, with rolling lawns and a picturesque lily pond with bridge, a fruit orchard, a sunken tennis court, and the requisite pool and spa.

The 1880s barn is 4000 square feet with three bedrooms and five baths, and of course it features huge open spaces and original beams. (Love the arts & crafts and folk art touches, too.) The 1930s farmhouse boasts six bedrooms and 8.5 baths and is used as the guest cottage. The office building used to be a chicken coop. Surely someone will snap up this unique property soon.