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Secret Coldplay show turns into a game of Pokemon Go

mystery of the summer

Here’s the story that just won’t die, Coldplay is performing at a secret location in the Hamptons on August 7, 2016. Speculation is strong that the location is in Montauk at the Surf Lodge, but nothing has been confirmed or denied. Sigh.

Sponsored by SiriusXM, this free concert remains cloaked in secrecy. Only available to subscribers as of June 28, 2016, nobody is leaking the location. It’s turned into more of a mythical existence that is driving us a little batty. A representative for Sirius recently told Page Six, "The location is in the Hamptons." But, "we’ve discovered the hunt to determine the venue has turned into something like a Pokémon Go for adults. We are not revealing the exact location." Hey Chris wanna hook us up? We promise not to tell! Better yet, our backyard is available.