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Why Not a French Chateau on the Ocean in Southampton for $75M?

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Why not indeed

If you’ve ever said to yourself, "Self, I’d love to live on the ocean in Southampton. And I’d like my house to look like a chateau from the Loire Valley," you are so in luck. Hopefully you’ve got 75 large to drop. And a small family, because despite the fact that your chateau is 9200 square feet, it only has four bedrooms. (Wonder if there are any convertible dungeons?)

There’s 3.6 acres of land in the Murray-McDonnell compound with 200 feet of direct oceanfront, which by the way entitles you to call yourself Le Duc de Murray-McDonnell. The formal gardens are beautiful and there’s a 50 x 20 gunite pool. As for the house, le duc et la duchesse have their own master suite entry foyer, sitting room, fireplace, a private beach view deck, and two separate bathrooms with dressing closets. The house includes a dumbwaiter and elevator, along with a wine cellar, and separate one-bedroom apartment.

What do you think?