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Amagansett Oceanfront Hopefully Going to House Heaven Soon

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Totally 80s!

This 80s house was first on the market in June 2014. For obvious reasons, it’s hard to forget. From the hideous laminate cabinets, to the weirdly angled living spaces, to the atrium that resembles a mall food court—well, as the listing states, "This is like nothing you've seen before!" Thank God.

Two years ago, the asking price was a hilarious $15M. For obvious reasons, no one bought it. Now the asking price is a far more reasonable $8.95M, and the property is in contract. Obviously we don’t know the sales price, but for 1.9 acres of Dunes oceanfront, that’s not bad. We assume the house will be going to a better place soon via a bulldozer.

Farewell, 80s monstrosity. We shall always regret not enjoying some Sbarro/Cinnabon/Panda Express in your atrium.