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An Old-School East Hampton Mansion is Decluttered and Pricechopped

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With period details

We loved this gorgeous old place when it hit the market a year ago: it includes plenty of land (6.7 acres), specimen trees including copper beeches, pool, tennis court, guest cottage, all south of the highway and very private.

The house itself was built in 1891 by William A. Wheelock, whose very cool city home, a Victorian Gothic in Washington Heights, was photographed in 1937 by Berenice Abbot. (Four years later the house was torn down and replaced with a low-income housing project.)

Mr. Wheelock’s Shingle Style summer house is now 4500 square feet, with tons of gorgeous period details like cypress paneling and pine flooring, along with six fireplaces. It was renovated in 1980 by Robert AM Stern, who added the great room. Drawbacks include the kitchen (which we like, but most wouldn't) and the fact that there are only four bedrooms and three baths.

Last year, commenters complained about the WASPy clutter (sheesh, people, if WASPs can’t be WASPs in East Hampton, where can they?) and the price. This year, the clutter has been reduced, as has the price, which is now $18M instead of $20M. We really hope this house isn’t bulldozed: we’re losing too many OG mansions.