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Extraordinary 1880 Shelter Island Estate at an Extraordinary Price

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Beautiful, interesting, but expensive

This is a frustrating listing for an amazing property. There’s 4.8 acres of land in Shelter Island Heights, which includes 400 feet of waterfront. The main house is a beautiful, gracious old Queen Anne, 7000 square feet with seven bedrooms and seven baths. Not enough? There’s also the stunning, famous windmill guest house with a "huge entertaining level, guest suite complete with a kitchen, living/dining area, and full bathroom, as well as a stairwell leading to the top of the spire all offering views of the water." By the water is an 80 foot dock with an adorable boathouse.

So what’s frustrating? The lack of pictures. There are 21 photos to this listing, but it’s simply not enough. We want to see more! There are a few pictures of the main house, but none of the bedrooms, baths, or kitchen, which usually means they need work, although the listing says the property has been "Thoughtfully restored and updated by the current owner in a multi-year renovation." There are no pictures of the windmill guest house. There are plenty of outdoor pictures, though: the mature grounds include a gunite pool, basketball court, and tennis, as well as a gazebo.

Asking price for all this is $32M, which if achieved would set a record for Shelter Island. This property compares with Strongheart, newly purchased by Matt Lauer for (we’ve heard) $33M, but Strongheart is still on the mainland; we don’t know if anyone will pay that much for a property you have to get to by ferry. Maybe we’re wrong: after all, the ferry is short and convenient. What do you think?