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Lemonarf gives hope to the abused animals of the Hamptons

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Lemonade? Maybe Beyoncé & Blue Ivy will join

The Animal Rescue Fund of the Hamptons [ARF] is bringing back a big hit of the summer that promotes kids having fun while raising money for rescue animals. All of the funds donated directly benefits the care of our four-legged friends at ARF, so while you are sipping on a glass of frosty lemonade, your heart should feel warmed knowing that you are helping the abandoned pets of the East End. Here’s the skinny on the Lemonarf Stand, a club for kids. The free starter kit includes a homemade lemonade recipe, a barking good cookie recipe, official signage, Lemonarf cups, a minibank, and buttons. And, if you’re thinking that children can’t raise more than a few bucks for charity, think again. Last summer, Lemonarf raised more than $6K. Lemonade that helps abused animals, that’s the best combo that we’ve heard of in a long time!