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Justin Bieber is homeless in the Hamptons

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Joe Farrall to the rescue

Pop star Justin Bieber wasn’t exactly homeless in the Hamptons, but he didn’t get to stay where he wanted. And for a guy that never hears the word no, that’s pretty surprising. It turns out that the Biebs had his heart set on renting out the Sand Castle. We’ve written about this insane house in the past (Beyoncé and Jay Z rented it for the summer), and it was made infamous by having a half pipe, a rock climbing wall, and an ATM machine. Justin was willing to pay just about anything to lock it down, but the castle was already rented out. Hold the tears, Page Six reported that the singer still got a pretty slamming pad for 12 days that typically goes for $80K a week from builder Joe Farrell.

Here’s the interesting part, Farrell didn’t charge Bieber and his crew one penny to stay there. So, what does this kind of generosity get you in the Hamptons? You guessed right if you were thinking that Joe was angling for a private concert. The Biebs even ate dinner with the family, and sources close to the Farrell clan said Justin was a perfect gentleman that helped clear the dinner table. We kind of thought this story was going to be full of temper tantrums, tears, and at least one scandal, but now we know that if you want free digs on the East End that Joe Farrell will step in and hook you up if you are uber famous. Well, that’s certainly one way to make friends, give them free mansions.