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Late 1800s barn at 335 Lopers Path in Bridgehampton asks $2.3M

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on the market with a full acre

Real estate jargon categorizes lots of properties as unique, but this residence truly fits the bill. Originally built in the 1800s, this barn was moved from Sagaponack to its current location in Bridgehampton. That seems like a tremendous amount of effort for a house that really defines the term rustic, but for the right buyer, this place is pretty cool. Sitting on lush grounds that remind us of wine country (c’mon, that trellis is gorgeous!), this 4 bedroom 2 bathroom is big on character. We just can’t decide if the place needs a few coats of paint, or if this is a total gut job. Again, this depends on what the buyer is looking for- quirky or show stopping. Built in 1880, certainly a few updates would be nice, but features like 30' exposed barn rafters and pegged beams are stunning. Clocking in at 1500 square feet, the barn isn’t exactly huge by modern standards; however, the broker babble points out that the open breezeway could be attached to the barn for additional living spaces or used as car storage. Either way, the sheer fact that the original property was moved from Sagaponack to Bridgehampton is cocktail party gold. Translation, you will never struggle for small talk at a dinner party for the rest of your life.