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Big Reveal: How Much for a New Bates Masi Compound in Amagansett?

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Pretty but pricey

Address: 159 Atlantic Ave, Amagansett

Price: $9,950,000

You fools. You gorgeous fools. Everything about this new build compound is spectacular, including the price, which was the least popular guess this week. (Actually, the location is not spectacular, despite the proximity to the ocean.) Think anyone is going to pay almost 10 large for this property?

Commenters liked it: "That is one nice-looking house." and "It really is. The construction looks about 80% done—going to be spectacular once it’s done and landscaped." As stated before, the brokerbabble needs to be read to be appreciated: "The principal strategy for the home stems from the utilitarian practice of hanging boats and other items from the station's wooden post and beam structure. In a modern reinterpretation, the residence features an exposed steel structure that defines the main living spaces and forms a framework onto which other functions can be hung. On the exterior, a system of bronze bars was developed to hang the thick cedar siding boards in place without fastening through the wood, allowing the boards to expand and contract naturally with changes of temperature and humidity." Et cetera.