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A Fantastic Architect-Designed Home in Springs for Aging in Place

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Interesting, low cost, and accessible

New York based PRESENT Architecture has designed a home in Springs for a retired couple to age in place. Despite a limited budget, the clients wanted a house with nearly everything accessibly sited on the first floor, which of course made for a larger footprint. To keep costs down, PRESENT reused the concrete foundation from the previous house, which influenced the shape of the plan and the form of the roof.

To comply with setbacks, the roof is formed as three descending non-parallel gables, providing a bulwark between the house and a street intersection. The skewed peaks subtly bend the rules of the traditional house. (And look super-cool!)

Also keeping costs down, the house is stick built with CNC cut lumber assembled off-site in panels. The cedar planking of the facade is durable and economical.

Inside, the gables of the roof are covered in white oak boards. There’s a double-height space for cooking, eating, and entertaining.

These public areas and the master bedroom are enhanced with glass doors that completely open up the house during the summer, and visually connect the interiors to the outside year round.

Beautiful, accessible, and low cost: nothing not to love about this design.