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Own a Fabulous Piece of Architectural History by Andrew Geller

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Playful and funky

Midcentury architect Andrew Geller (1924–2011) cut a playful swathe across the landscape of Long Island with funky vacation homes. They were made of low-cost materials used in unconventional ways.

This example is known as the Elizabeth Reese house, built in 1963. It features striking triangular windows with projecting flaps, and an amazing stone fireplace. It looks to us as though it was even more interesting originally: at some point some of the exposed void in the living room was closed up to create more upstairs rooms.

The house now has three bedrooms and three baths, including one in the pool house/studio. It’s small at 1200 square feet, but has updated mechanicals and a new (cute!) kitchen and bath. However, with 5.14 acres of land, it is also possible to build a new, larger house on the property, keeping this as a guest house or similar. Asking price is $2.2M.