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Slightly Bonkers Artist’s Home on 40 Acres in Downtown Flanders

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Home looks out to peaceful ponds

This property belonged to sculptor Gloria Kisch, who died in 2014. According to a 2013 article in the East Hampton Star, it is a former duck farm, where Ms. Kisch "...designed and built a modern house filled with many of her sculptures, including a stainless staircase railing, that looks out over a private pond (one of three) surrounded by high reeds. Dozens of her sculptures dot the rolling hills of her landscape, which overlooks another 82 acres of wildlife preserve." Sadly, Ms. Kisch died in 2014, and the property is now for sale for $1.595M.

The 3000 square foot house was designed to make the most of the views of the ponds, with the principal rooms elevated and plenty of glass. Some of the rooms are round and others are pie-shaped. We wouldn’t be surprised if the house was torn down, though: it’s probably too individual to appeal to many people. There are also three additional buildings: one is obviously an artist’s studio and one possibly a pool house. (There is a gunite pool.)

This is a tough property to value: plenty of peaceful, attractive land, but it’s very near the circle in Riverhead. What do you think of the place?