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Supermodel Brooke Shields goes dumpster diving in the Hamptons

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it’s all in the name of art

It turns out that supermodel Brooke Shields isn’t too proud to go dumpster diving. Prior to a rather prominent art show in the Hamptons at Nova’s Ark Project, a piece done by artist Will Kurtz asking $8,000 was accidentally trashed by the cleanup crew. In an ironic twist, the sculpture entitled, Keep America Great Again, was literally a trashcan with a raccoon next to it.

Nick Korniloff, founder and owner of Art Southampton, told Page Six, "Somewhat fortunately, we have a policy that everything goes in clear plastic bags — in case anything valuable gets thrown away — and Brooke and Will [the artist] were able to go to where the overnight trash had been left, locate the missing part of the artwork, and recurate the work. It was down to the wire, but the work was reassembled just in time for the VIP preview."

Attendees were unaware of the drama preceding the event, and in an art show that pushed the aesthetic envelope; we still think this excitement was more provocative than the actual art. Sometimes, you just need a supermodel to save the day.