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Splash Premium Mixers launches in Sag Harbor & official bar car tours the Hamptons

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Low calorie with a selfie opp

Splash Premium Mixers recently held its launch party a private residence in Sag Harbor. Complete with a 1957 vintage BMW Isetta outfitted with a customized bar trolley, this show stopping car certainly garnered attention. And if you’re crushing on the official Splash Bar Car as much as we are, then you can experience it for yourself. It’s currently touring the Hamptons, and you can sample the new cocktails or better yet, pose for a selfie with the foxy Splash Car as your backdrop. Seriously, it’s pretty cute.

We found out a bit more about the beverage, and it turns out that Splash Premium Mixers are all natural, gluten free, non-GMO, and ideal for alcoholic and non-alcoholic consumption. Hello, mocktails! Splash Mixers co-founder Maria Baum revealed her favorite drink to us, saying, "I love the Splash Bay St. Ginger (with vodka, Gibb, or prosecco) and because it's named for the street my restaurant is on where Hilary and I first spoke of the idea of Splash. But I also like using the Splash Cosmopolitan straight up for granita for my kids." Bonus, the company is currently offering an on-demand service. Translation: get free delivery in the Hamptons through Labor Day. Take a gander at the Splash Premium Mixers drink menu:

Splash Mixers | Flavors:

All Splash flavors are designed to pair with any spirit or sparkling water. Simply pour 1 part Splash to 1 part spirit. Enjoy over ice, shaken or stirred.


A blend of cranberry and bright citrus notes. Mix with vodka.


The ideal balance of citrus and organic blue agave. Mix with tequila.


A refreshing blend of mint and lime. Mix with rum and top off with club soda.

Moscow Mule / Dark 'N Stormy

A classic blend of ginger and lime. Moscow Mule is mixed with vodka. Dark 'N Stormy is mixed with rum. Add a splash of club soda if desired. (Moscow Mule is our favorite.)

Bay St. Ginger

An elegant blend of ginger and pear. Mix with vodka, gin, or prosecco.