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A Large Compound in the Amagansett Lanes Sets a Price Record

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Great property

Amagansett is hot, hot, hot. Asking $14.5M, this unusually large property for the area was listed for sale just about a year ago. Now we understand it’s in contract at $13.75M, which sets a new price record for the neighborhood.

The property offers a lot: two parcels with a house on each, a 0.85-acre plot with the main house and a 0.65 acre plot with a smaller guest house. (Yes, that’s 1.5 acres in total.) The main house is an attractive shingled Foursquare design; it's 5760 square feet, with five bedrooms and 5.5 baths. And it includes the furnishings. The guest house is 2290 square feet with four bedrooms, four baths, and "a hot yoga/ballet studio." There's also a large heated gunite pool and spa with pool house, rolling lawns and mature trees.

As for the price, it seemed fair calculated per half-acre for the area, but of course, you could get oceanfront for less. However, one commenter a year ago wrote, "I would rather have ‘walk to town’ than oceanfront, personally." Another: "Good house, probably sets a sales record for the Lanes." You are correct, sir!