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New Owner, Please Don’t Touch This Perfect Modern House by Gwathmey

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Looks to be untouched

This property was never going to be an easy sale: yes, it’s a well known modern masterpiece by an iconic architect, but it’s only 1200 square feet with just two bedrooms. It was put up for sale just about a year ago asking $2.5M; it is now in contract with a last asking price of $2M.

This house was only the third designed by Charles Gwathmey, right after the extremely famous residence he designed for his parents in Amagansett. It was commissioned by graphic artist Joe Sedacca back in 1968, who told the architect he wanted only two bedrooms and a wonderful kitchen. The small footprint of the house, just 1200sf, contains some very intricate spaces, however. The current owner, Paul Amador, was quoted in the New York Times in 1993 when he bought the house from Mr. Sedacca: "I feel like I won the lottery. I'm buying a piece of art for the cost of the raw materials."

The Sedacca House looks almost completely original; however the listing notes that it "still offers opportunities to expand." Frankly, we can't see how without ruining the place, and Mr. Gwathmey, who died in 2009, is not available to consult. Still, there's 2.82 acres of land to expand on, so maybe a clever architect can manage it.

But please, new owner, leave this beautiful house just as it is as much as possible.