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A Quirky Painted Barn Plus Guesthouse in North Water Mill

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No pool, but there’s a pond

This is a very individual property: a fairly spacious 3000 square foot home, painted in blue on the exterior, but almost all white in the interior. The same goes for the nearby guesthouse. There’s 3.68 acres of land, but no pool. For nearby water, there’s access to Cow Pond via a walkway—we haven’t the foggiest if it’s swimmable, though! There’s a nice deck and a screen house overlooking the pond.

The kitchen in the main house looks like it hasn’t been touched since 1970 when the house was built, so that needs updating; presumably the same goes for any baths. There are three bedrooms and three baths in the main house and a bedroom and two baths in the guest house, which includes a kitchenette and bar area.

Asking price for all this is $1.995M. What do you think of the place?

  • High Style Oasis, Water Mill [CH]