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Bravo ‘Summer House’ Cast Member: ‘I hate the show and need to get off!’

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Curbed exclusive!

Curbed exclusively reports: a member of Summer House, the Bravo reality show filming in the Hamptons now, said to us, "I am actually on the show and hating it." She says that the owner of the house rented by the production company read about the infamous sprayathon party attended by cast members and realized that they were staying in their property. The house is 4500 square feet, with four bedrooms and 4.5 baths. The Amagansett rental costs $165,000 for Memorial Day to Labor Day.

The cast member went on, "True Entertainment, the production company, told owners they were renting it to film charity events, not a reality show like Jersey Shore. The owner flipped out when 10 cars and trucks arrived, with 8 people sleeping in rooms. Producers, directors, lights, and cameras were everywhere." The owner is now trying to kick the reality show out for breach of contract and violating the rental laws in the Hamptons.

The cast member ended with, "I need to get off the show!"