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Big Reveal: How Much for a Charming Vintage House with Pool in Sag Harbor?

Sweet and appealing

Address: 66 Franklin Avenue Sag Harbor

Price: ONE BILLION DOLLARS. Just kidding, actually $2,895,000

The most popular guess this week was too low at $1,895,000. We guess there wasn't much to comment about, given that there were barely any photos of the interiors. The exterior is very charming, though, with its shutters and picket fence. One commenter wrote, "Cute. I’m not crazy about the random patch of clapboard siding under the front porch, but that’s an easy fix." Another: "Is that a pool or an outdoor sink?" and "It looked so promising on the outside. I actually snarfed my lunch when I saw the pool!" Well, sheesh, people, whadja expect on 0.17 of an acre? Most Sag Harbor downtown properties don't have pools at all.