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A Stunning Modern House in Amagansett by Barnes Coy Architects

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Inviting and spacious

This house, designed by Barnes Coy Architects, is an unusually attractive version of the modern box style so popular in the Hamptons. It's the diversity of natural materials (limestone, wood, metal) that add warmth to the space, and the lack of gigantic empty spaces--each room seems just the right size. There are curves as well as planes, and changing ceiling lines, which add interest.

The property is north of the highway on Cranberry Hole Road but the house sports ocean views from the master bedroom and second-floor office. There are six bedrooms and 7.5 baths in 5800 square feet, with four gas fireplaces, and a four car garage.

Outside, there's 1.5 acres of land next to reserve, with an "extra-long heated saltwater gunite pool and hot tub surrounded by a pedestal designed limestone patio with quick drain rain water runoff." There's also an outdoor shower and sitting area with firepit, not to mention a "concealed outdoor professional cooking area [that] would be eye-catching if it was not so well designed to be hidden."

Asking price for all this is $12.995M. What do you think? Worth it?