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A Shingled House on Georgica Cove is Now $5M Cheaper

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This property first hit the market back in December 2014. With three acres of land right on an inlet of Georgica Pond (408 feet water frontage), and a spacious house, we didn't think the asking price of $24.75M was bad, although some commenters disagreed. "Way overpriced" and "Nothing wrong with this…except the price" were two comments. Obviously homebuyers agreed, because the property didn't sell. Now it's with a new broker and asking $19.75M.

The house is designed to make the most of the peaceful water vistas. One issue might be that there's only four bedrooms plus a one-bedroom apartment, making five in all, which is a little skimpy for a house this size. The listing notes that "Zoning would allow substantial house expansion."

There's a veranda that overlooks a 50' waterside pool; there isn't a tennis court but theoretically there's room for one.