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Cafe De La Musique and The Leo Nightclub Open on Three Mile Harbor Road

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Former Philippe, et al

Jeffrey Jah (Lotus and Lamb's Club and 1 Oak) and Alvaro Garnero from Cafe de la Musique Brazil are opening the first American outpost of the brand. It's at 44 Three Mile Harbor Road, East Hampton, formerly Philippe and and Sienna and SL East and Pink Elephant et cetera.

The executive chef, as reported by Eater NY, will be Cynthia Sestito, who worked privately for Jay Z and Sean Combs. "As someone who has been coming to the Hamptons since I was a teenager, I always wanted to have a restaurant and lounge close to the beach,'' says Jah. "This is somewhere cool and creative where you can come in for a caipirinha or a light meal and just hang out.''

After hours, the restaurant transforms into the Leo nightclub, which says it's "bringing sophistication back to Hamptons nightlife." Well we're glad someone is.