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An Incredible Modern Design by Blaze Makoid in North Haven

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Playing with light

"We want to see the water as we drive up."

The homeowners had a special request for their architect Blaze Makoid. And Makoid delivered. He created a glass cube at the center of the house, which is the living room, that affords views from the driveway straight through to the bay.

For a low-maintenance exterior, Makoid used teak. It’s a durable wood that ages well and creates a casual, beachy look. Limestone with a matte powdered finish was sliced and laminated repeatedly, allowing for a flexible material that exceeds local hurricane codes.

Inside, Makoid designed the private spaces to be secluded and the public spaces to be grand and open. For privacy and to allow natural light inside, Makoid placed teak slats over some of the windows for a screened effect, playing with the spacing of the louvers, allowing the outside to be seen from inside but not vice versa. The screens create a beautiful effect indoors, with soft light bouncing off the walls.

Interior design is by David Scott and landscaping is by Ed Hollander. Multiple seating and dining areas create numerous options for enjoying the house at different times. Especially notable is the covered outdoor living room, with a television, heater and fireplace for a chilly evening. Want to see the rest? See the July/August issue of Luxe magazine, which is devoted to the Hamptons.