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Elvis Presley’s Fiancee Sells Her Hamptons Home

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A traditional in Noyack

Ginger Alden was a pretty twenty year old when she and her sister, the reigning Miss Tennessee, went to Graceland to meet Elvis in 1976. Just a few months later, he proposed, and she accepted. Of course, Elvis sadly died just months later in August 1977.

Miss Alden later on married lawyer Ron Leyser, who passed away last year. Now the longtime Sag Harbor resident has sold her home. It’s an attractive traditional in North Side Hills with four bedrooms, several fireplaces, an inviting porch and a sunroom. There’s 1.3 acres of land with a pool and very pretty gardens. Last asking price was $1.425M, and Ellen Heller of Simon Harrison Real Estate was the broker in the deal. Congrats to the new owners.