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A Simple and Spare Barn Style Home in Bridgehampton for $2.8M

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Modern and airy

Everything about this property seems simple, fresh, and relaxing. There are rolling green lawns with a few trees and no fussy gardens. Fussiness wouldn’t suit the simple exterior and interior of the house. It’s all about simple white walls to rest the eyes with plenty of windows.

The new kitchen is similarly plain, but it veers from the expected white cabinetry. The new master bath is white; the stone and nice fixtures give it a luxe feel. The house isn’t large at 2000 square feet, with three bedrooms and 3.5 baths, but with a newly refinished lower level, there’s plenty of room for everything you might want. The property is north of the highway, but Butter Lane is a pleasant street. What do you think? Worth $2.8M?