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Spend the Summer in a Shingled Georgica Traditional

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Light and airy

On two acres south of the highway in East Hampton, this unpretentious house is light and airy. Of course there’s a pool and pool house out back, along with a vine-covered dining pergola. The house is 4100 square feet, with only four bedrooms and 4.5 baths.

Considering the property is asking $8.5M, four bedrooms isn’t enough. We think the asking price is about right—it’s getting close to land value—but there are a few things that will give buyers pause: the skimpy number of bedrooms, the McMansiony exterior, and the underwhelming decor. (Maybe it’s just us being picky, but obviously fake art like the pink Marilyn and the ersatz eyeglasses trade sign are inappropriate in a house like this.) But the location is good, the grounds seem lovely, so we’ll keep an eye on this place.