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The Surf Lodge Hopes to Resume Live Music Soon

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Noise violations dismissed

The Surf Lodge is hoping its famous summer concert series can be restarted sometime in July. Yesterday morning, six outstanding noise charges were dismissed in East Hampton Town Justice Court; the other seven issued to the establishment last summer were dismissed in March on the town's own initiative, "in the interest of justice." A Surf Lodge spokesman said, "It is gratifying that all of the noise violations have been dismissed. We now have a clean slate."

Last year those violations brought the Surf Lodge to the attention of the New York State Liquor Authority, which in turn put a stop to their famous summer live music program. According to the Surf Lodge spokesman, when the initial application to that agency was filled out, the box to include "live music" as well as "recorded" was not checked off. It was simply an oversight not to amend the application after that. East Hampton had granted the Surf Lodge a music permit year after year allowing live music to be played.

The crackdown on live music has affected other venues in the hamlet as well. It recently was the subject at a town hall meeting; local musicians such as Nancy Atlas expressed frustration with existing sound ordinances and complained that current decibel limits are unreasonable.

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