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A Beautifully Restored Carl Fisher Montauk Tudor Wants $3.2M

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"Isn't that enchanting," you'll say

This handsome, spacious old Tudor backs onto the golf course. It would be a great purchase for someone with extended family or lots of friends, as the property totals eight bedrooms and seven baths, including a three-bed, three-bath guest house and a separate apartment.

Built in 1927 by Carl Fisher, the house has recently been "gutted to the studs, jacked up with a new foundation, and covered with a new authentic slate roof."

Yes, we know what you’re asking. "Who was Harrison Boyce, the former owner of this property?" Well, glad you asked. He invented the Moto-Meter, a car engine temperature indicating gauge around 1912, which indicated to an early driver that the car was overheating. After that, he invented Boyce-ite, which was an early antifreeze.

Getting back to 2016, we think $3.2M is not a bad price for this property. There’s just under an acre of land, so there’s room for a pool. A nearby Tudor is asking $2.6M, and that’s just one house on 0.4 acre of land. What do you think?