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Famous Instagram dog writes a lifestyle book about the Hamptons

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cuteness overload is profitable

The internet sensation Cavalier King Charles spaniel named Toast recently published a book called ToastHampton: How to Summer in Style. Blogger Katie Sturino and husband Josh Ostrovsky, the comedian who calls himself ‘the Fat Jew’, are the parents of this toothless rescue pup that has gained a cult following.

According to Bloomberg, the book addresses the conversion of having a cute pet into making money online via Instagram, endorsement deals, and other platforms. That’s not a bad tradeoff considering that Toast poses with celebrities, sported more than $150,000 in diamonds at her recent wedding (yes, we said wedding), and published a book.

Additionally, ToastHampton lists doggie approved restaurants and stores, so it does provide tourists with some information about the East End. However, this is really about an adorable rags to riches pup who is finally living a charmed life. Fame clearly has its privileges.