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Real estate update: The ‘Prince of Montauk’ saga continues

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shame, shame, shame

We recently ran a story about the self-proclaimed ‘Price of Montauk’ Dylan Eckardt changing up the landscape of the East End with real estate deals that are making some people a little, well, uncomfortable. Eckardt has made a lot of noise in the Hamptons that, try as we might, we really couldn’t ignore. Vanity Fair even did a profile, where he said, "I’m the fucking rock star of real estate."

We have an update to the saga that is Dylan Eckardt, and it’s not a pretty one. At the height of his success, this former pro surfer won’t be brokering any mind-blowing deals in the near future. Nest Seekers recently fired him, and Eckardt’s former boss Eddie Shapiro told The Post, "He is working out his demons. He is not a bad guy. He just has a loud mouth." Demons or not, Eckardt was arrested on Monday for traffic violations, and he allegedly told the cops, "I take Xanax and Lithium every day."

Since Dylan is a Montauk local who has actively been reshaping the community, what does everyone think about his escapades? Has the ‘prince’ finally fallen from grace, or is this just a bump in the road from a misunderstood broker?