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Big Reveal: How Much for a Modern Bayfront House in Montauk?

Gorgeous views, gorgeous house

Address: 35 Wills Point Road, Montauk

Price: $5,895,000

Not so much this week. The correct price was the second least popular answer, with the number one answer being a hefty $7,195,000. (For that much, you should be able to get oceanfront in Montauk, although not with a house this nice.)

One commenter wrote, "The house could work today with some upgrades (i.e. the kitchen photo shows that early 2000’s lack of cohesiveness w/r/t angles, both ceiling and otherwise), but I could see a Bates Masi or Michael Haverland style modernization working well here. Would love a floorplan and description of the means of bay-access."