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The mobile food stand Caravan hits the Hamptons and it’s awesome

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Caravan, the mobile farm stand using only locally sourced ingredients, is looking to up your beach picnic game this summer. And, if eating healthy meals by the sea isn’t your jam, who cares. Eat it anywhere. Utilizing food from Bhumi Farms, Caravan launched over Memorial Day, and the response has been positive. The goal is to encourage customers to experiment with international cuisine. Among the Greek yogurt, we spied terrior bowls that feature miso-tahini, wheat berries, and a Chinese egg. Clearly, the menu is for foodies with an adventurous palate. And, with such fresh elements, we definitely want to give the mobile food stand a whirl. Located at 131 Pantigo Road, breakfast and lunch is currently offered on the weekends only. There are plans for expansion, which include calling in orders ahead of time. Like we said, Caravan is mobile, so stay tuned for updates.