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Eloise creator puts home up for sale at 1 Squires Path

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Embrace the woods

Hilary Knight, the creator of the much beloved children’s cartoon Eloise (you know, the little girl who lived at the Plaza) is looking to unload his Hamptons abode. We’ve called a lot of homes unique through the years, but this place more than fits that bill. The 2,300 square foot home is light and airy with a truly expansive feel. The brokers are terming the house as ‘village fringe’, and while we think that’s a stretch, we kind of love that this residence doesn’t fit in the Hamptons cookie cutter box. While the kitchen definitely needs updating, the majority of the house has unique angles with insanely charming curb appeal. With a $1.1 million ask, we think this property will be snatched up pretty quickly. Besides, it’s easy to picture Knight drawing pictures of Eloise in these sun drenched rooms. What do you think, does the location warrant the price tag?