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Celebrity chef Ivan Orkin takes over Momi Ramen for one night only in East Hampton

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Ivan Orkin is a pretty interesting guy. According to his website, he describes himself as a "Jewish kid from Long Island." He hails from New York, but he specializes in ramen. So, how does someone from the East Coast gain international celebrity making Asian dishes? Well, his adult life has largely been about immersing himself in Japanese culture. In 2007, he achieved a serious cult following when he opened Ivan Ramen in Tokyo. Rumors even persisted that he refused to make any changes to his dishes. Fast-forward through a smattering of more successful restaurants in Manhattan and Japan, and Ivan is coming to the Hamptons for one night only. Momi Ramen located at 221 Pantigo Road in East Hampton will play host to an à la carte "Ivan Ramen" menu on July 21, 2016. Seating is limited, so reservations are highly recommended.