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Charge your Tesla 24 Hours a day in Southampton

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Eco sexy meets practical

Tesla, the high-end electric car, has been making a foray into the Hamptons for a while. Last summer, the company popped up in Southampton with some pretty cool shipping containers that garnered almost as much attention as their eco chic cars. And, we recently reported that the retailer opened up a permanent showroom at 50 Newtown Lane in East Hampton. So, it’s clear that these vehicles of beauty, which also happen to be environmentally friendly (translation: a rich person’s toy), are in fact grabbing a foothold on the East End.

The natural progression is, of course, to install supercharger stations. Because, the last thing you want to do is arrive at your beach house in your brand new car and run out of juice. According to the official Tesla website, the company installed eight chargers at 850 County Road 39 in Southampton. The best part? You can recharge your car 24 hours a day.