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Tour the Hamptons Property Ashley Olsen is Considering

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There’s a bedroom for Mary-Kate too

Ashley Olsen has been house-hunting in the Hamptons. She and twin Mary-Kate (who competes in the Hampton Classic) are well known out here, so it makes sense to put down permanent roots.

One of the properties that Ashley looked at was 471 Sagaponack Road in Sagaponack, which we wrote about last month. We asked readers which of five properties they’d spend $5M on, and the Sagaponack house won. You're welcome, Ashley.

The house isn’t huge (but hey, Ashley, you’re single), with only three bedrooms and two baths, but offers plenty of character and large windows. On 1.5 acres, there's a vine-covered pergola and its own dock on Sagg Pond for kayaking and paddle boarding. There isn't a pool but there's room for one if desired. We say go for it, Ashley.