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Vintage Home with Rockstar Poolhouse in the Amagansett Lanes

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Plenty of land

This one’s special. On a big plot of land for the Lanes (1.3 acres), there’s a sweet period cottage with four bedrooms, three baths, an eat-in kitchen with sunroom, and lots of vintage charm.

[Photos by Chris Foster]

There’s a barn-style garage for your cars and storage, and then in the back is the jewel: a gorgeous 60’ pool with sunning area and a beautiful pool cabana/guest house with sauna, bath and bedroom, outdoor shower, grilling station and living room with fireplace. We say: stay in the poolhouse all summer and don’t leave. The guests can stay in the main house. All this, close to the ocean. Asking price is $6.65M, and we’re going to order you to buy it right now.