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Is $27K too steep for sipping rosé in Southampton?

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In the Hamptons during the summertime, we’ve kind of come to expect outrageous pricing on well, everything. We don’t love it, but that’s life on the East End.

Sometimes it feels more like places are just bragging about how much they can charge. Case in point, the Post reported that nightclub Jue Lan in Southampton wants $27K for a bottle of large format Dom Pérignon Rosé. Not to be outdone be slightly smaller bottles, a jeroboam of Perrier-Jouët Belle Epoque Rosé usually goes for $1,600, but this place slapped it on the menu for $12K.

To be fair, we hear that people were waiting in line for tables, so this strategy of overcharging to insanity might be working. Billionaires love to show off their wealth to pretty young things, and nothing says I’m wealthy, quite like ordering a bottle of champagne for $27K without batting an eye.