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Tracy Anderson pops up at the Montauk Yacht Club & Marina

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Feel the burn

Fitness expert Tracy Anderson has built quite a reputation on the East End by helping her clients achieve beautifully sculpted physiques. Her method focuses on dance cardio and muscular structure work. But, it’s the involvement of accessory muscles that helps people see real results. Last year, her brand took a big step forward by opening up a second location in the Hamptons. Now, she is slated to open up a pop-up in Montauk at the Montauk Yacht Club & Marina for eight weeks, starting on July 1, 2016.

This location will focus on TA VA classes [Latin inspired dancing], muscular structure, men’s classes, and private training. Additionally, there will be a Tracy Anderson boutique for devotees who want to pick up athleisure wear, workout DVDs, and nutritional supplements.

The permanent studios in Water Mill and East Hampton continue to thrive, so popping up in Montauk was the logical next step for the brand. Anderson said, "In addition to the studio programming in Water Mill and East Hampton, Montauk will get to experience my atTAin definition classes as well as my brand new low-impact, high calorie burning dance workout TA VA. Both classes deliver my latest and greatest content to propel your fit life." Of course, we can’t help but assume the newest venture is also in response to the insane traffic that has come to define the summer in the Hamptons.

Classes are $45 per group class, and private training pricing is available upon request.