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Serial Flipper Sandy Gallin Drops the Price of Further Lane Compound

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Beautiful place, but priced right?

Sandy Gallin, who made his money as a talent manager to such luminaries as Michael Jackson, Dolly Parton, Whoopi Goldberg, Cher, and Mariah Carey, is now a house renovator and designer by trade. And he does a great job of it--his Amagansett (or East Hampton? we're still unsure) house on Further Lane, which he purchased in the summer of 2011, is stunning. After shelling out $5.105M for the 2.1-acre spread (complete with 1920s farmhouse) and constructing a 6500 square foot residence, he put the place on the market for $24.5M in 2012.

Unfortunately, despite the attractions of the property (main house plus 4 outbuildings, apple orchard, gunite pool, separate spa, major screening room, gym, pool house), it was just too expensive for anyone to bite. We suspect it might still be at the latest price of $22.5M, or $24.5M if the furniture and art is included. (We covert that "Liquor" sign.) Also, the listing photos are of the more artistic than practical side. Guess we'll see what happens.