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A Contemporary Renovation in the Amagansett Dunes

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Reconfiguring interior spaces

This 1960 beach house in the Dunes needed interior spaces reconfigured for modern living. Existing windows were relocated and windows and doors added to allow for more light and easier access to outdoor spaces.

The kitchen was completely renovated, with an island replaced with a peninsula, and the dining area was expanded to include space that was formerly an unused den.

The second floor contains only the master suite, so a new staircase with built-in storage now enters directly into the room, which was completely reoriented to include an expanded bath with curbless shower and larger vanity.

The bedroom had a large bay window that overlooked the shed; that was closed off and replaced by two casements with enough wall between so a king sized bed could fit. The wall to the left, which was severely angled due to the roofline, became a wall of closets.

On the first floor, the existing walls and closets were reconfigured so each bedroom could accommodate for a queen sized bed instead of the single beds they had before. Lower level baths were completely renovated to include frameless shower doors, curbless showers, large tiles, and new vanities, giving a more contemporary and beachy feel to the space.