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My Wife Really Likes It, 50 Shades of Construction, and Other ‘Noms de Dune’

Settlement Court LLC, Meadowcore LLC, Big Woot LLC, and more

As a low-key extremely rich person, you naturally don’t want your Hamptons home to be listed under your real name. Enter the shell company. But what to call your new LLC? Sure, you could just use the address, but what fun is that? The fun-loving folks at Gawker have helpfully compiled a list of the more interesting "noms de dune."

My Wife Really Likes It LLC made a stir when it purchased 1 Association Road in Wainscott two years ago, shown above. We don’t blame her: the property comprises over four acres of land with a sunken tennis court and pool, pool house, spa, playground for kids, and outdoor fireplace. The house itself is a whopping 13,900 square feet. What’s not to like?

Other fun names Gawker dug up: Vandelay Import Export, Settlement Court LLC, Meadowcore LLC, Beautiful Horse LLC, Big Woot LLC, and Twice the Price LLC.

Some celebrities are super cautious: for instance, Steven Spielberg’s East Hampton home is registered as belonging to Gerald Breslauer, his financial advisor. Jon Bon Jovi’s Lily Pond Lane house is registered to High Point East LLC, sadly not Livin’ on a Prayer LLC. Other celebs just stone cold don’t care and have their properties registered under their own names: we salute you, Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, and Martha Stewart.