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A Sensational Modern Makeover of a Southampton Shingle Style

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A tired, too-big 80s house gets a stunning renovation

When a couple bought a 1980s Shingle Style on Meadow Lane, the wife reached out to designer David Netto for help. He says of the enormous building, "Moving from room to room you didn’t quite know where you were or where you should be, a peculiar type of disorientation that occurs in homes of this scale. […] We needed to subdue—and perhaps even cut out—whole sections of the building, letting the McMansiony bits drain out." He called in architect David Hottenroth to redesign the space for a young, modern family. Hottenroth opened up axial views throughout the space. Now, says David Netto, "You can turn your head one way and be looking at the ocean or the other and see the bay." Want to see more? Turn to the June issue of Architectural Digest for the full story.