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Big Reveal: How Much for a Renovated Sag Harbor House with Pool and Cottage?

More than you thought

Address: 37 Palmer Terrace, Sag Harbor

Price: $5,995,000

The number one answer this week was $5,495,000. Sheesh, people, this is Sag Harbor we're talking about: always add at least $500K more than you think is reasonable. (Commenter "I am not the droids you're looking for" gets it: "I usually go $1 billion for Sag Harbor houses. But alas, once again it was not a choice." Next time, droidy.)

Most commenters were underwhelmed, but we’re glad to see some of the commenter sniping coming back to the site. "Buyers will have to demo the weird fireplace thing at the bottom of the stairs….so awkward and so obtrusive, among the many other changes. Big bucks to update this place, but I’m sure they’re listing it for the top number because it’s Sag Harbor and it doesn’t matter what’s wrong with the house." "Ooh, someone spent way too much time in Morocco, or at ABC Carpet. But it’s all easily remedied. Nice grounds. Bizarre kitchen. But it is Sag Harbor, the new Sagaponack." "You guys are such snotty snarks. This house is gorgeous and the people have great style. It may be dated style, but the lines are clean and there are wonderful details inside and outdoors. Insulting the rugs? Give me a break."