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Updates: Cheapest House Sold, Meadowlark Lemon in Contract, and More!

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So confusing

Periodically we take a look at the cheapest house in the Hamptons for sale. At the end of March, 26 Herne Place in Southampton was the listing, asking $360K. There is a 948 square foot house with two bedrooms and one bath and a tiny plot of land (0.09 of an acre) with a shed on it; the plus side is that the property is close to the bay.

Despite looking like Grandma last decorated when Nixon was president, the house sold fast, closing at $340K. Congrats to the new owners, and please get rid of those ceilings.

At the other end of the price spectrum was this fairly new build (2013) on Meadowlark Lane in Bridgehampton, which we posted about at the end of February. Despite the 80s feel to the house, and the frankly bizarre decoration, and the high price of $12.15M, the property is inexplicably in contract already. Color us shocked.

Commenters hated the place: "So glad you picked this listing so I could just scream: 'WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY???!!!!!'" and "This is really cold and soul-less. Hate it all. The railings really are the worst part." Well, guess there's a lid for every pot. We don't even think someone's buying it for the land, as cheaper options are available. 128 Surfside is closer to the ocean, a bigger plot, and $3.5M less.

Finally, a "lavish" Sagaponack property, 231 Hedges Lane, has been swiftly pricechopped $2M.

Why lavish? Features like a paneled billiard room, elevator, screen porch with grilling station, two TVs in the pool house along with folding glass walls, and our favorite, radiant cooling under the poolside stone patio. Homebuyers who hate hot feet, here's a deal for you.