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Meet a Cool 60s Contemporary on Shelter Island Asking $1.925M

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Shaped like a nautilus shell

There's a lot to like about this cool midcentury house: it's shaped like a nautilus, so there are interesting curves wherever you look.

The living room sports a hip fireplace and a sunken conversation pit, along with original brick floors, which nicely echo the brick patio outside, overlooking the funky curved pool and poolhouse. Even the kitchen is curved, with what looks like new-looking poured concrete counters. Any midcentury lovers would be intrigued by the house.

The bad side: of course, the curves limit decorating or renovating, although the listing says the current owner "fully restored" the house. And the house is a small two-bed, two bath in 1800 square feet. There is a generous 2.3 acres of land that backs onto a peaceful pond for kayaking or paddle boarding. And finally, $1.925M is a serious reach. The place sold for $500K three years ago, and we doubt the owner did enough work to justify the price, especially given the limited appeal.