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Steven Jauffrineau Dishes About Arbor, Montauk's Newest Restaurant

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Four wine dispensing machines!

Arbor promises to be an interesting new addition to the Montauk dining scene. At 240 Fort Pond Road, in the former Ciao space, Arbor will offer a Mediterranean style menu. Owned by Marc Rowan of Apollo Global Management, Arbor's managing director is Steven Jauffrineau, known for French bistro La Goulue in New York and Sunset Beach on Shelter Island. We sat down with Steven to find out more.

What initially drew you to Montauk?

Duryea's. After meeting with Marc Rowan, the owner, I immediately felt a special connection to Duryea's, our first venture together. By the time Marc called me to tell me that he had bought a second restaurant (Arbor), I was already spending most of my time in Montauk. I live on Shelter Island with my family because it's a wonderful place to raise kids. Montauk has some of that same DNA.

What inspired you to open restaurants in Montauk?

Part of our philosophy when opening restaurants is to become part of a community. We are not interested in the fast and furious seasonal mentality. Montauk has a wonderful community and we feel very fortunate to be able to offer something slightly different that will open before most and close after most.

What’s your philosophy on running a restaurant?

Being humble and understanding that hospitality comes first. Establishing a connection with our guests and making them feel at home is our mantra.

What’s your vision for Arbor as a whole? What do you want people to take away from it?

Arbor is designed to be fun, interactive and casual while maintaining a civilized environment. The wine and beer program offers something for everyone. We don't want people to feel like they need to commit to a bottle of wine but rather make their own decisions and get something they actually want rather than letting the host at the table make that decision for them. We want them to experience new worlds, new wines, new beers, and the food offering is designed to complement that experience.

Tell us about the menu. How is it different from other local eateries?

Like many others, we want to take advantage of the wonderful local farms and products that are available to us, but with our own stamp. We put a lot of focus on presentation and believe that food cannot taste good if it doesn't look good. Our signature surf & turf features New-Zealand lamb chop, seared sea-scallop, parsnip mousseline and broccolini. Our morel mushroom risotto is exceptional. We understand the importance of a quality product, but we still believe in talented chefs.

Is there anything specifically Montauk about Arbor?

Arbor is casually chic and fun, just like Montauk.

What details in particular are you proud of or think particularly interesting?

I love our bar and wine cellar but I'm particularly excited about our four wine dispensing machines.