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An Appealing Ditch Plains Traditional is Now $500K Less

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Spacious, on a good-sized plot

This Montauk new build is close to the surfing beach and on a generous-for-the-area 0.92 acre plot, with plenty of room for a pool. It's done in a very appealing traditional farmhouse style and is good sized at 3000 square feet, with five bedrooms and 4.5 baths.

So why hasn't it sold in its six months on the market? The interiors are slightly disappointing, and also it was just plain overpriced. Even in the entry, we find the modern staircase jarring with the contrast of the very trad oval window. A different stair would have been better. Someone could have done a better job with the staging--the living room is very dull. The modern kitchen is best described as "meh." We also find the two brown bathrooms pictured kinda dreary. On the plus side, the mudroom at the rear is a very nice touch.

As for the price, it was originally $3.15M last autumn; it was cut to $3M and now is $2.65M, which is much more like it. Hopefully someone will fall in love with it soon.