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Goldman Sachs Honcho Lloyd Blankfein Finally Unloads Sagaponack Property

Put on the market in 2007

Remember 2007? The Virginia Tech shooting, the introduction of the iPhone, The Simpsons Movie? That’s when this property at 121 Parsonage Lane was put on the market asking $14M. Good times. Calendar pages fly past, years go by, and the property stayed on the market. It was available for $17M back in 2015, then $16M, and finally down to $13M in February this year. And now, a mere nine years later after being offered for sale, it’s finally in contract.

It’s a nice place, 2.7 acres with relaxing rolling lawns and trees, landscaped by Ed Hollander, a 45’ pool, spa, pool house, and sunken tennis court. The house was built in 1997 and looks it, but some updating will make it lovely. It’s 6500 square feet with seven bedrooms, and there are copious indoor/outdoor sitting areas to enjoy the summer.

And don’t worry about Mr. Blankfein—he has another house in Bridgehampton.